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The Seer by ProfFartBurger The Seer :iconproffartburger:ProfFartBurger 3 0
Round One - Finale
Chris' head whipped to the right, two meters away was the window leading outside, and beyond that was another building, much smaller than this one. Upon the roof of this building was one of his drop pods, and his visions told him that it had something he wanted - plasma casters, similar to what he'd had on the Goliath suit, but not used for creating thrust. Veritable 'Iron Man' laser gauntlets, they would be able to create heat enough to scorch Riku's healing factor, and cause damage enough to stun him. Chris' face turned to a scowl, and he pushed himself to his feet and sprinted to his right. Riku grinned and watched Chris run for a moment, the armored fighter crashing through cubicles and tackling past filing cabinets, before Riku joined him, thoroughly trashing that floor of the building.
Chris reached the edge of the building just a second before Riku, and he leapt outside, crashing through the windows in a shower of glass. The rain immediately started pelting him as he flew throug
:iconproffartburger:ProfFartBurger 1 0
Round One - 1.2
Chris' eyes snapped open as the suit sprang to life, his right hand jumping up to catch Riku's flying left. He clenched the fist with an iron grip and yanked backwards, using Riku's own momentum against him and sending him soaring past the armored seer. The fighter bounced off of the ground twice, like a stone skipping across a pond, digging his hands into the ground on the third bounce to slow him down, carving up the stone and concrete as he dragged himself to a halt. His head whipped up to find Chris' hands both extended, each had in it clenched a submachine gun.
Chris' eyes were narrowed, his first and most important priority had to be getting to one of his weapons pods - he wouldn't last long with the ammunition his suit had on it. His weapons weren't designed to kill Riku, much the opposite, they were meant to knock him out. The problem was the way his powers worked - keeping him fighting at his absolute limit as long as he had any small amount of energy left in him. Riku's heali
:iconproffartburger:ProfFartBurger 2 0
Round 1 - 1.1
Round One:
"We're just on the outskirts of the cloud, Charlotte, we have confirmed it has stopped expanding. The city is being evacuated as we speak, with at least eighty percent confirmed to have been removed from the affected area, but we are no closer to any possible answers as to who is behind the attack or what their intentions are." Loudly shouted a reporter, as he covered one ear from the torrential downpour of rain, and held his microphone close to his mouth with the other hand, his lightly tanned face cast into a bad glow as it was shone directly by the cameraman's flashlight. "And while it seems that the gas is as of yet non-hazardous, we have unconfirmed reports that explosions were heard near midtown, but I do stress that they were unconfirmed. " The tan skinned reporter trailed off as the sounds of explosions were heard in the background, he turned around and looked up into the dark night sky.
Bright, fiery objects were hurtling towards the ground
:iconproffartburger:ProfFartBurger 2 0
Prom Time 2015
April Twenty Fourth, Year of Our Lord, Two Thousand Fifteen.
Had someone told me not a scant two months earlier I'd be going to prom, I'd look at 'em like they were fools.
Allow me to tell the story:
So, on February 28th, I went to a friend’s birthday party. She was doing this big mardi-gras thing - it was her eighteenth birthday, she deserved a big celebration.
Before I go into this, I should mention that she’s a mutual friend, I didn’t really know her that well, but she seemed nice and the friend we shared told me I wouldn’t regret going. To be honest, I didn’t really think she’d care to invite me - much as I may not admit it, I tend not to spend time with any mutual friends lest I decide they look like I should get to know them, and from personal experiences, most other people I’ve met follow this philosophy - but she did, and I wasn’t going to say no.
So I went to her party, and it was basically her own personal prom - she had this wh
:iconproffartburger:ProfFartBurger 0 0
Still alive, folks! by ProfFartBurger Still alive, folks! :iconproffartburger:ProfFartBurger 1 0 Eighteen by ProfFartBurger Eighteen :iconproffartburger:ProfFartBurger 2 0 When School Slows To A Crawl by ProfFartBurger When School Slows To A Crawl :iconproffartburger:ProfFartBurger 2 0
Mature content
Mass Effect: The First War, Chapter 3.2 :iconproffartburger:ProfFartBurger 2 0
Mature content
Mass Effect: The First War, Chapter 3.1 :iconproffartburger:ProfFartBurger 2 0
The Measure (Raw) by ProfFartBurger The Measure (Raw) :iconproffartburger:ProfFartBurger 1 0
Mass Effect: The First War - Chapter 2
Chapter 2
August 19th 2201
"GETH!" Hurriedly shouted a panicked Quarian, as he roughly grabbed the Quarian representative and dragged him behind the five marines, as they all raised their weapons, making ready to fire.
Unfortunately for them, with this action they had threatened the life of the Human ambassador, and the warriors to his side would not let that fly. Almost faster than the Quarians could even perceive, the five soldiers on the Human's side of the arid field reacted, "contact twelve!" Screamed one, with a deep voice that was synthetically filtered through his helmet, making it so the end result was a loud, frightening voice cascading from the massive Human.
Immediately after the man's declaration, the two soldiers that hadn't been looking forward spun around, guns raised; the soldier standing closest to Locke had his own rifle magnetically locked to his back in an instant, and had the ambassador grabbed in a bear hug, before he turned one h
:iconproffartburger:ProfFartBurger 2 0
01000011010011010101010001000101 by ProfFartBurger 01000011010011010101010001000101 :iconproffartburger:ProfFartBurger 0 0 Christopher McGraw - The Product by ProfFartBurger Christopher McGraw - The Product :iconproffartburger:ProfFartBurger 4 0 2-15 by ProfFartBurger 2-15 :iconproffartburger:ProfFartBurger 3 0 There are multiple ways, no exception. by ProfFartBurger There are multiple ways, no exception. :iconproffartburger:ProfFartBurger 1 0


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I'm drafting an outline that could work, I will say absolutely nothing else for fear of loss of sanity. 
Stay tuned!
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Hello, one and all!
I am ProfFartBurger, amateur/aspiring artist and moderately skilled/aspiring writer! I'm a double threat!
My preferred style of art is Anime/Manga, I grew up alongside it and I've never been able to give it up.
I am (xx) years old and (insertrelaventdetailhere)!

Personal Quote:
"I'm Not Stupid, I'm Smart From The Other Direction."


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